Crystal, a former guest at Room at the Inn, needed a service dog to cope with a tragedy. Room at the Inn helped Crystal get the dog by setting up a "gofundme" page to help pay for the dog and the training required to becomea service dog: 

Well trained service dogs cost a minimum of $20K and to up to $50K, which was well out Crystal's budget. Staff at Room at the Inn found a service dog trainer in Lebanon, Suzanne Breen, who helps people train their own dogs to serve their owners with invisible disabilities

Room at the Inn staff helped Crystal apply for a scholarship so that the cost for her was much more reasonable.  We are pleased to report that Crystal successfully adopted her dog, Sunshine, and intends to train her as a personal service dog.

Click here to visit Crystal's gofundme page and to read about her story in her own words.

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Crystal's Service Dog