Jane Barth

Jane Brass Barth has worked in the field of Community and Economic Development for 30 years.  Her work began in international fisheries and aquaculture projects with a focus on how new technology could be introduced in a way that fit with local social and economic structures. 

Since moving to Oregon in the early 1990’s, Jane has provided consulting and training services to rural communities, non-profit organizations, and advisory groups throughout Oregon. She pursued mediation certification to increase her skills to help communities that were polarized find common interests and ways to work together.  Conflict resolution and consensus-building became her passion and it influences how she approaches her facilitation and training work.   

After helping communities around Oregon for many years, she is happy to spend time working within her own community to help it tackle challenging issues, in particular houselessness.  She joined the Community Sustainability Coalition’s Housing Action Team in 2019.  She lives with her husband and son who is a senior at CHS.

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