Jim Swinyard

Jim Swinyard grew up in Eastern Washington and has lived in Corvallis for over 30 years.  Jim retired from the US Air Force in 1992 after 27 years of service and started a second career with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.  Over the next 15 years he served as the director of emergency management and search and rescue coordinator, undersheriff, and sheriff. 

Following his second retirement in 2007, Jim became a community volunteer serving on several boards of directors of non-profit organizations who serve the more vulnerable members of our community.  Jim is a long-time volunteer for both the Corvallis Men’s and Women’s seasonal cold weather shelters, he has served on the Safe Place Steering Committee since its formation in 2020, and he recently completed a 4-year term on the Board of Corvallis Housing First.  Jim and his wife Janet have also participated in international service projects with Rotary International and Stove Team International.

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