Religious Institutions


Local contractors donate their time and construction skills to build microshelters  in order to provide small, but safe transitional housing on properties of various faith based organizations throughout our community.  We greatly appreciate these champions!  Generous financial donors pay for the materials to build the microshelters so there isn't a financial burden on the contractors volunteering their labor.

On occasion, contractors' skilled labor is required to build on site improvements at Safe Camp or to prepare a microshelter placement on a religious institution's property.

If you have a contractor license and would like to donate your skilled labor to build a new microshelter or on site facility improvements at Safe Camp, please contact Cassandra Robertson by clicking here.

Your compassion and assistance is a remarkable way to demonstrate the "unity in our community". Thank you!

SafePlace invites religious institutions in Corvallis or Benton County to consider hosting a microshelter (or more) in its parking lot or side yard. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to provide safe shelter to those who do not have a place to self-quarantine. Benton County and The City of Corvallis have recently acted on this by approving permits and adjusting codes to allow the placement of microshelters on properties used by religious institutions.  This governmental acknowledgment and approval is welcomed by SafePlace and Unity Shelter!

While the pandemic has raised awareness of this need, the fact is that we have had neighbors in our community experiencing homelessness prior to the pandemic.  Unfortunately, the realities of the economic hardships caused by the shutdown may actually increase the number of our friends and neighbors experiencing homelessness. SafePlace anticipates needing more religious institutions who are willing to host one or more microshelters on their property in the near future.

If you represent a local religious institution and would like to learn more about hosting one or more microshelters on your property, please contact Pastor Garrett Beatty via email by clicking here.


SafePlace relies on volunteerism primarily to build microshelters, to host microshelters on faith community properties and to build operational facilities at Safe Camp.