SafePlace provides transitional housing in or near the parking lots of participating faith-based organizations. The goal of SafePlace is to assist individuals, couples, and families in housing transition by providing a safe and legal environment for temporary housing coupled with case management services and peer support. Several religious institutions are participating in the locations as shown below.

The locations of these microshelter placements and Safe Camp are shared here for transparency sake and to recognize the religious institutions who have altruistically agreed to provide safe shelter on their properties.  SafePlace acknowledges that these placements are within existing neighborhoods. Participants are also our neighbors.

We implore neighbors near these locations to extend their understanding and compassion for those less fortunate. The SafePlace program helps our neighbors experiencing homelessness get back on their feet.  It is proving to be an effective method as several participants have found more stable housing. Please respect the privacy of those living in these microshelter locations and Safe Camp by restricting uninvited photos or visits.