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The following links will open another browser (or Acrobat Reader) and redirect you to an article published online.  We are calling your attention to local news articles that discuss, report and/or announce decisions made by our local government leaders.  If you would like to suggest additional online articles to be shared here, please email your suggestion(s) to Mike Moore at nbimike@comcast.net.  Mike will solicit feedback from the Unity Shelter board and then post the link(s) deemed appropriate for our website.

Much of our local news is published by The Corvallis Gazette-Times. We express appreciation to the GT for covering the plight of those experiencing homelessness and the entities working to help them. While the GT doesn't specifically or necessarily support Unity Shelter, its programs or its views, we value its contribution to our community.


Corvallis summer meal program begins June 23

Sweltering streets: America's homeless are dying in extreme heat

Albany council approves permitted parking zone near homeless shelter

Albany leaders favor hiring mental health worker

With public camping a felony, Tennessee homeless seek refuge

People living in cars spurs talk of making Albany streets permit parking only

2022 homeless count is in for Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties
ditorial: Multifaceted approach needed to encourage affordable housing

Corvallis housing event specifically focuses on people of color

Corvallis homeless shuffle continues

Benton County not likely to add money for homeless to bond measure

Albany devising idea to incentivize developers to build smaller homes

Driver crashes into Salem homeless camp, killing 4

Stone Soup Corvallis to reopen dining rooms April 2

Road easement approved for planned Sweet Home homeless encampment

Police arrest man suspected of stalking, killing homeless in NYC, D.C.

Red tape doesn't stop Corvallis homeless feed

Liberal US cities change course, now clearing homeless camps

Oregonians see homelessness as top issue

Oregon Dems unveil $400M plan to address homelessness, housing

Property transfer for Sweet Home homeless encampment still delayed

Linn County holds off on transfer of homeless camp site to Sweet Home

Lebanon Soup Kitchen warms the tummy, soul and other body parts

Where to find warming centers in the mid-valley

Volunteers along the Willamette pick up trash, confront environmental issues — and homelessness

Corvallis Council triples social service spending from ARPA funds

Corvallis council to discuss how to spend $13M in federal funds

How to take a tour of Corvallis homeless shelters and raise funds for nonprofit

Corvallis mulls how to spend federal relief funds: building or people?

Corvallis budget challenge: Should federal funds be spent on facilities or homelessness?

Unity Shelter Press Release: Benton Community Foundation Honors SafePlace: PDF

          Benton Community Foundation awards honor local philanthropy (GT Article)

Albany exploring how to create more housing options for those in the "middle"

Unity Shelter is spotlighted in Town & Country's November RE Guide (Full RE Guide PDF, Spotlight PDF)

Stone Soup moving South Corvallis meal service

Shelters for the homeless: Corvallis council could add housing in several locations

Albany youth shelter expansion underway

Homeless in Corvallis: Even with a trailer it's a rough life

Corvallis has $1M plus in new federal funds to spend on homelessness

Homeless campers test positive for COVID in Corvallis park

Corvallis, Benton County make progress on homelessness

Corvallis discusses middle housing challenge

White House details plans to improve housing affordability

Homelessness in Corvallis, a personal story

As I See It: The unhoused are just like us

Corvallis, Benton County set up 4th meeting on homelessness

'A bed for every head'

Corvallis council calls for action on park restrooms

Corvallis council discusses Chamber survey on homelessness

Corvallis homeless fight gets boost

Mailbag: Poor, marginalized left without hope

Mailbag: Don't enable people to live in parks (alternate opinion)

Advocates staging protest on homeless cleanups

HOPE board has opening, sets meeting

Corvallis Council backs massive annexation, homeless cleanups

Corvallis will revisit homeless camp cleanups

As I See It: Clearing homeless camps doesn't solve problems

Community Outreach at 50: Nonprofit continues to fill gaps

Solidarity Speaks In Effort To Stop Sweeps, Support Unhoused

Corvallis, county team up to tackle mental health issues

Gallery: Corvallis homeless cleanup

ODOT cleans up homeless camps in Corvallis

Oregon Legislature OKs measure to protect homeless camplers

Corvallis Council acts on homeless recommendations

McGuire takes over as director of Community Services Consortium

Vancouver to create camp for unsheltered for first time

Corvallis homeless camp cleanups gather steam

Elected officials review HOPE board recommendations

Corvallis, county to review homeless recommendations

Oregon bill speeds siting of emergency shelters, temporary housing

Corvallis-Benton board finalizes homeless recommendations

Story Next Door: County nurse works to vaccinate homelss

Corvallis to spend $40K cleaning up homeless camps

Homeless Americans finally getting a chance at COVID-19 shot

Homeless board sets up public outreach session

Funding to the rescue: Homeless service providers to share $2.6M

Corvallis to start cleaning up camps

Oregon Legislature: Converting motels to housing one step closer

Story Next Door: Trish & John Borowski spending time lending a hand in the mid-valley

Benton homeless board sums up recommendations

As I See It: We need a regional system of shelter

$90k was spent on Corvallis managed camp

Board backs $320k in grants for Corvallis nonprofits

Press Release: Unity Shelter BMX Press Release on March 16, 2021 (PDF)
             Supporting Document: Unity Shelter BMX Timeline (PDF)

Corvallis adds homeless funds, loses camp plan

Addressing Homelessness

Is there hope for HOPE? Benton County group fights homelessness battle (click here for PDF copy)

New routine for coat giveaway

South Corvallis motel to be repurposed for homeless

Homeless board battles through lengthy draft

Oregon Coast police chief draws line in the sand on mental health calls

Oregon Legislature considers bill to create local crisis intervention teams

Housing group looks to local park for land

Fundraising group gives $10,000 to Unity Shelter

Portland State: 90,000 Oregon COVID evictions loom, at $3 billion cost

Corvallis homeless questions persist & persist

Corvallis establishes deadline for park camping

Homeless session held on South Corvallis

Homeless camp moves forward

This California city just ended chronic homelessness

Chance to take over Signs of Victory shelter

Corvallis plans shake-up at Pioneer Park homeless camp

Story Next Door: Ballard joins the fight against homelessness

Corvallis City Council backs managed camping and RV site

Mid-valley volunteers spend Thanksgiving day feeding their peers before themselves

Benton homeless group posts surveys

Corvallis City Council passes homeless motions(click here for PDF copy)

Tiny house village closer to reality

Homeless service providers scramble to meet winter need (click here for PDF copy)

Booking homeless Portlanders into jail is endless, expensive cycle that arrests don’t curb, but housing does

Key Infusion of Support(click here for PDF copy)

Council discusses camping clampdown

Benton County OKs Safe Camp

Safe Camp permit goes before Benton County

Corvallis approves social service, housing funding

As I See It: Church has tried to work with neighbors

Benton County to review homeless camp permit

HOPE board resumes its work

HOPE returns from 4-month break

Unity Shelter group formed to tackle homelessness issues

Corvallis gives out $360k to nonprofits

31 Oregon counties approved for May 15 reopening

Benton County gets OK to reopen

Benton County allows religious institutions to host vehicle camping

Corvallis resources for those who are hungry and homeless adapting in time of crisis

As I See It: Corvallis needs a shelter

A truckload of food: Donation is a 3-day supply given current need

Corvallis, Benton County continue challenging homelessness discussion

Editorial: Let's keep shelters open year-round

Board members selected for new panel addressing homelessness

Committee releases Corvallis, Benton County homeless count report

         Download the report here