Rich Carone

Rich Carone is a successful local businessman, developer, entrepreneur and

philanthropist.  In 2018, Rich purchased the old Hanson Tire Factory building just

South of downtown Corvallis and immediately leased the building and property to

The Mens Shelter at a sub-market rate.  Having a stable location to facilitate The

Mens Shelter's operations is critical to providing safe overnight shelter for men

experiencing homelessness in our community. The Mens Shelter expresses sincere

appreciation to Rich Carone for his generosity.  The sub-market rental rate and

ongoing property enhancements make it possible for The Mens Shelter to efficiently

serve our neighbors experiencing homelessness with dignity and care.

Lyle Hutchens

The Mens Shelter would also like to express appreciation to Lyle Hutchens who agreed to sell the old Hanson Tire building to Rich Carone. Lyle also played an instrumental role to arrange the original use of his property, the old Hanson Tire Facotry, to host The Mens Shelter in 2017 and he has been a key advocate ever since.


The Mens Shelter relies heavily on individual VOLUNTEERS to greet and check-in guests, serve meals, check bags, etc. We value all your contributions large and small. Thank you for making The Mens Shelter possible!


We consider our "Champions" to be our most loyal supporters who demonstrate their compassion by sharing their time, talents, money, experience, education and more.  Our champions come from diverse backgrounds.  Among other things, it is their commitment to helping those in need that unites us in this common purpose.  Please scroll down this page to see just how many generous contractors, donors, volunteers, businesses, religious institutions and organizations are working together to put "unity in OUR community" supporting the Unity Shelter Mission of "providing safe shelter through collaborative care".

Thank You!


It feels nearly impossible to recognize all the individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to further The Mens Shelter's mission. Below are a few remarkable organizations who have demonstrated that they are champions in the effort to care for our neighbors and friends experiencing homelessness with cash / food / supplies donations, personal care, volunteerism and in other creative ways. ‚Äč


Religious Institutions