Guest Quotes

The people pictured above are our neighbors. Neighbors who have hit a rough spot.  For various reasons, they have found themselves in the tenuous situation of not having a place to lay their head.  Room at the Inn is thrilled to be able to lend them a helping hand to provide a safe place to be during their time of need. 

Please say hello and extend your own kindness if you are fortunate enough to meet one of our neighbors!


While Crystal was in the shelter, we recognized that she really needed a service dog to help with her invisible disabilities.  We helped her get a dog and got her a scholarship so she could train "Sunshine" herself. You can see how much progress Sunshine and Crystal have made together.  We also helped her find housing so that she and Sunshine went straight from Room at the Inn to stable housing within a month of being paired together.  One photo of Crystal and Sunshine right before they left the animal shelter and a second photo a year later, as Sunshine walks with Crystal through the grocery store.

Cindy texted us the photo of her new house keys.  She was so thrilled to get back to work and into housing after she came to the shelter.

Several other photos are of shelter guests during the pandemic.  We have offered crafty projects and some gardening to help guests stay engaged with positive activities.  

Guest Stories

"I’m so pleased with the staff and volunteers of the Room at the Inn. They are helpful with information and the willingness to find housing for you. When I was sick, they were there every minute until help came along. They provide everything from soap to Q-tips. They give you a warm bed and most of all, they have beautiful smiles. I have and will always refer women to them." – Debi

"I had been sleeping in my car for 2 weeks when I was told about the Room at the Inn. I was so grateful I got in the next night. They served breakfast and snacks daily. The Room at the Inn is a very well ran shelter. While I was there it was warm, and I felt safe. The staff is very friendly and understanding. They helped me with my special needs. The volunteers were friendly and some even provided special services. My dog, Velvet, was also welcome. If I ever have the need, I would again stay at the Room at the inn. Thank you to everyone working there." – Sherril

"Room at the Inn was a great experience for me. The staff and volunteers there literally saved my life. I was out on the streets with nowhere to go when I got to Corvallis Oregon and they took me in. For 3 years straight I was homeless and had nowhere to go but they were always there for me. The staff and volunteers there pointed me towards the Benton county mental health which in turn got me into a housing program, which in turn got me housing. I’m now in my own one-bedroom apartment and I pay a little bit amount of money. I want to thank the staff and volunteers for their time and commitment." – Laurissa

"One thing about being homeless that people don’t understand is; how stressful it is. Being on the streets is exhausting. Trying to find a place to charge your phone, something that is a useful tool. Camping is dangerous. Not knowing if your campsite neighbors will steal from you or rape you is terrible. Having the Room at the inn took away the biggest stress that was camping. Then I find out that there are case workers there to help you. Mine was Sushanna. Along with Alita and Jen Mcdermond they introduced me to the Assist program. The assist program got me connected to April Hein who helped me with housing. The case workers were and are amazing. During my time there at the room at the inn, I had a job and they got me rides from work if I worked late. They helped me, save me." – Liz

"Thank you to the staff and administrators of Room At the Inn women's shelter, for providing many of my basic needs, comfort and direction, during one of the most critical and painful periods in my life. Also, thank you to the staff and administrators of Corvallis Housing FIrst, for advocating for me and for helping me to successfully find housing. I am eternally grateful. God bless each and everyone of you." – Betsy