Guidelines & Suggestions

VOLUNTEERS must be UNDER 60 with no chronic health issues.  If you are sick, STAY HOME & call Nohe (541-231-2020) or Sara (541-231-6772)!  All volunteers must be practicing appropriate social distancing with anyone outside their own household members. If you have other questions about whether you should volunteer, call Sara.  Please read the civil rights and confidentiality information attached.  Kitchen Volunteers should also read the Basic Kitchen Safety document before arriving.  Then you will be ready to get straight to work when you arrive!

Our volunteers and staff are providing essential services!  Volunteers highlighted in
green will be in the kitchen or the separate overnight volunteer space.  Those in yellow will be in the main shelter room.  We are really serious about sanitizing regularly.  All volunteers and staff must wear cloth masks.  We provide cloth masks for all volunteers, guests and staff to use if you don't have your own.  We  wash the masks in bleach after each use.  Hand washing sinks and sanitizer are also readily available. 

Currently, our most urgent need is for people to help with meals and overnight shifts.  Volunteers have no close contact with anyone else during the overnight shifts.  Both settings are carefully sanitized regularly. 

        Click here to download a "must read" PDF file called "Room at the Inn Confidentiality and Safe Sanctuaries"

Civil Rights and Discrimination: From the Oregon Food Bank Civil Right Training: "As a volunteer, you'll be working with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds. We ask you to treat each individual with the same dignity, kindness and respect that you would expect if you were in their shoes. Oregon Food Bank requires its programs and volunteers to follow federal and state rules regarding discrimination."

          Click here to download a "must read" PDF file called "OFB Civil Rights Brochure"

OVERNIGHT volunteers need to bring their own sleeping bag and pillows.  Room at the Inn provides a clean bed with a sanitized night stand.  There is an outlet to plug in computers at the night stand and we have also wifi available. One of our volunteers, Jim Swinyard, has been volunteering regularly for overnight shifts for 7 years and he has only been woken up once. Generally, our overnight volunteers can come in and sleep from 10:00pm until 7:00am at which time we could use their help with meals if they can stay for 2 extra hours.  If that's not feasible, then we can find someone else to help with the breakfast meal. 

Early Risers: If you are an early riser and there is an early morning / overnight relief spot open, please fill it!  You can also help serve breakfast.  It's an easy service option with no exposure to anyone.

Meals & Kitchen helpers:  If you volunteer to help prepare, serve, or clean up after a meal, we will keep you busy!!  Again, there will be a staff person in the kitchen to guide you (boss you?)  You will also spend your time in the kitchen, and will wear gloves when handling dirty dishes.  No direct contact with any other humans.  

          Click here to download a "must read" PDF file covering "Basic Food Safety in the age of COVID-19"

Evening Volunteers:  Except for shower night, you will probably be able to hang out in the kitchen, pass out snacks, get coffee, etc.  

Afternoon volunteers serve as back up in case of emergency.  You can hang out in the kitchen keeping your hands and surfaces impeccably clean and work on your own computer in the back.  Afternoon volunteers can also stay in the main shelter room and help out the staff...especially in leading guests in some activities.

The shelter is located at 1166 NW Jackson -- the large gym-like Community Center.  We cannot stay open without a volunteer and staff present at all times.  

If you are scheduled for a shift and have to cancel because of an emergency, please text or call Nohe at (541) 231-2020 or Sara at (541) 231-6772 

All volunteers will check in at the shelter entrance and proceed to the kitchen. You will wash your hands, and set up your computer, or whatever, on a counter near the back of the kitchen.    

If you volunteer to help prepare, serve, or clean up after a meal then we can certainly keep you busy. There will be a staff person in the kitchen to guide you.  You will spend your time in the kitchen wearing gloves when handling dirty dishes.  Meal & Kitchen helpers will not have any direct contact with other humans.  

Shelter phone number: (541) 207-4636

Shelter email:

Men and Women can volunteer until 6:00 pm every day. Only women may volunteer after 6:00 pm

Please click on the button below, review the available time slots and sign up to volunteer.

Thank you!

Volunteer/Donor Quote:

"...When I stepped into the shelter with our bag of goodies, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of peace, serenity, warmth (literally, and it’s not easy to keep a large space like that warm).  That feeling stayed with me all morning as we did our other errands around town.  The shelter truly is a special place, and we are happy to be on board, putting our stimulus dollars to work in our own neighborhood."